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lost_tv was created in June 2004 to bring all Lost fans together. Things such as news articles, site/promo announcements, promo videos and pictures, theories and all other sort of things belong here. This community has been operating on the idea that any well thought out post that is original in content is welcomed. Let's continue this tradition with creative and informative posts that benefit all of our members.


- This community is on moderated status. Weekly, we have a Wednesday Night Post with all of our members' reactions. Read them, they're fun.

- Before you go any further: the FAQ, the Resource Guide, and the rules tag. These are where our rules live. READ THEM BEFORE YOU POST/COMMENT. You'll also find that a lot of your questions/theories have already been answered in them as well. If you are not caught up with the show, be warned that there are possible spoilers in the Resource Guide.

- Make sure you also check out the community tags and memories. If you have a question about a previous episode or character, it's most likely been covered. Check first, then post.

- As is the norm on LJ, LJ-cuts are mandatory for posting anything spoilery and big pictures. Rule of thumb: go with common courtesy. :)

- All posts must have a subject line to make it simple for people to find things later. If you really want to be helpful, tag your posts with the tags moderators have enabled for the comm.

- Harassing members of the community will not be tolerated. Neither will trolling, flaming, racist remarks, homophobic remarks, and so on. You'll be banned. End of story.

- And most of all, have fun!

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