brokentriangle (brokentriangle) wrote in lost_tv,

How to continue watching Lost after Spoilers

Hi all!

I am new to the Lost fandom, having wanting to watch Lost for a long time, but unfortunately not being able to watch it while it was on TV. Now on Netflix I can finally watch it but... the ending of Lost was completely spoiled for me recently.

That they all died in the plane crash. That they are basically in limbo.

Now as I am trying to watch the show (I am 5 episodes in), I can't help but keep thinking about how they are all dead and how all the bizarre happenings on the island the cast experience revolve around everyone dealing with their own issues to ascend/go to heaven/whatever and that  the images/people they see are from beyond the divide. Which really ruins the suspense of the show for me.

Now, I can only hope what I just said isn't completely correct so I can start watching Lost with excitement. But if I am almost 100% correct... how can I keep on watching Lost with knowing the final mystery? Or would I just be better off watching the last few episodes and then seeing if I still want to continue watching Lost?

tl:dr: Please help me refind the mystery in Lost after having the ending spoiled!

Tags: finale, s6 spoilers, spoilers
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