Emily (emiliglia) wrote in lost_tv,

Anyone have a screen cap?

I'm only asking here because I already looked on Lost-Media and they didn't have it, so I'm starting to wonder if the Entertainment Weekly article is lying.

The EW article said there's a shot where you see the shooter, and the shooter is wearing long sleeves, so it can't be Ana Lucia. I downloaded to clip from Lost-Media but the quality was kinda low, so I couldn't tell. Does anybody know the scene they're referencing and where I can see it? I don't really remember, but the first time through an episode I pay attention to the characters, not the background.

I was just under the impression that we weren't going to find out who killed Shannon until a couple episodes after she was killed, so blantantly showing Ana Lucia didn't make sense to me, and I didn't see the part EW was talking about. Can anyone help?

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