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The Other 48 Days

Does anyone have any spoiler information and/or theories about the nature of the others as we will see in The Other 48 Days?

For instance, any more information about these promotional pics other than what they show?

Based on the preview for the episode, the others clearly drag and grab. It seems like they move real quickly. They seem different than the people (possibly the DeGroots) on the boat, more feral at least, (especially with those torn highwater pants! and one has her head covered) but Javi says they're the same:

19 June 2005 @ 10:46 pm
for those of you who are still wondering... was the others who kidnapped walt.*
they weren't pirates.
they weren't high-sea brigands of any kind.
it wasn't the gorton's fisherman and his $^!@*( children.
it was THE OTHERS.
remember when danielle rousseau said the other were coming for the boy? they came. in a boat. they took a boy. that boy was walt.
one more time...

you may now resume your regularly scheduled day.
*i'm only posting this because the number of times i have been asked is now well into the double digits.

19 June 2005 @ 10:56 pm
it was THE OTHERS - addendum
and by THE OTHERS i mean -

from the island.
not the apprentice others.
not some splinter group of seafaring others.
not the rejected others who are not really others.
it was THE OTHERS!
carry on.

and one more thing
boone is DEAD!
dead. expired. he has ceased to be.
he is a stiff! bereft of life! he's slipped off the twig! he has gone to meet his maker! his metabolic processes are history! he has shuffled off this mortal coil! he has run down the curtain and joined the bleeding choir! he is feeding the tree!
he wouldn't "voom" if we put four million volts through him!
he is an EX-BOONE!
seriously, do we have to drop another friggin' plane on him?

Just curious!
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