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Watch With Kristin - October 24

John asks: lost!!!! whos ian somerhalder
Kristin_Veitch replies: Damnit! I'm really NOT supposed to tell you this, but, he's an actor who played Boone. Man, you guys are bringing out the big guns today!

Nielas asks: Damon Lindelof said on the Fuselage not to believe any spoilers, as their are some major bogus stories out there. Any chance of the Lost death being one of them? Kristin_Veitch replies: It could be. And THAT could be. Wait, no, THAT ONE could be. There is so much out there, my best advice is: Don't believe ANYTHING you read! It's better if you just watch at this point, anyway. I swear.

borrelli asks: Who’s dying on Lost?
Kristin_Veitch replies: Death? What death? I could tell you – but Damon Lindelof would have my head. So I’m officially zipping the ol’ yapper on this one … especially because given when I revealed (and pulled down) last week, many of you had figured it out. Mmwamwmemwmmswemmwe (unintelligible … yapper glued shut)

LOST asks: Are we going to see Harold Perrineau's wife on LOST again? so far, she's played a Sawyer one night stand AND Hurley's lotto girl...
Kristin_Veitch replies: AND the only watchable character on Sex, Love and Secrets, which is officially, as of today, cancelled ... So, NOW, she's available again, and I'm guessing we'll see her!

katherine asks: At http://www.oceanic-air.com/seatingchart.htm if you click on 42F (Ana Lucia's seat) you get a mock up of the plane having turbulence and crashing. She is involved in this conspiracy I know it. Kristin_Veitch replies: innnnnteresting...

treelie asks: In Lost Kate said she never said good bye to Sawyer and began ripping letters open. What does this mean and does Kate like Sawyer now?
Kristin_Veitch replies: Here is all I know (translation: can tell you). A little eye-popping poop from my rock-solid Lost source: “There is a BIG KISS coming. Involving Kate and someone else. And it AIN'T Sawyer. And it's HOT. Not a dream. Not a flashback. Not a cop-out.” Whee!

beautyfulstar08 asks: Kristin, true or false: is the killer on Lost the same person as the one that dies?
Kristin_Veitch replies: I can't say!

2biggie asks: Lost. Three weeks of boredom! What do we do?! Shame on you, ABC...
Kristin_Veitch replies: Actually, just a little Rerun 101 for ya … I know it’s frustrating but this happens with prety much EVERY SHOW, EVERY YEAR. Every series out there has about 22 episodes each season, and there are about 36 weeks in the average TV season, so … I’m sure youcan do the math.

lque109 asks: Do we know how Rutherford is connected to Shannon?
Kristin_Veitch replies: Well, USA Today let the cat out of the bag that the Rutherford dude who died in the crash with Julie Bowen is indeed her father.

chelle asks: Where did Desmond run off to on Lost? Will he be seen again?
Kristin_Veitch replies: yes, he will!

briancr asks: So Kate and Sun make out
Kristin_Veitch replies: In a perfect world... :)
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